Education Matters in Cranleigh

Education is a key part of what we do - spreading the word about endangered wildlife to those who live with it on their doorsteps and those who live far away is vital for the continuing survival of species. In the UK, our education manager, Jo Elphick has had a busy couple of months visiting schools and groups in the South East . In Cranleigh she spent time with the Guides and Cranleigh Primary School.

"I recently spent two evenings with the 3rd Cranleigh Guides, talking to them about endangered species to help them to achieve their 'Animal Active' badge," says Jo. "The girls were very enthusiastic and created wonderful posters about endangered animals, as well as very inventive leaflets about the care of moon bears in sanctuaries and the elephant calves at the elephant orphanage.

"All the girls did brilliantly and achieved their badges, they also voted on which of our animals to adopt, and chose our Bengal tiger cub 'Rahni'. The pack leaders rewarded the girls for their hard work with one of our 'saving wildlife' wristbands. The money that this raised will be used to help save endangered animals in Asia and Africa."

For Cranleigh Primary School Jo prepared a talk for their year 6 children about African animals. "We looked at ‘Africa’s Wild and Wonderful Places’, the beautiful habitats and wildlife to be found in Africa and in particular at Painted Dogs, Rhinos and Elephants. We also looked at the evolution of the elephant’s trunk and why all of these animals are endangered, as well as what is being done to help them. This was followed by an art workshop where the children made fantastic newspaper collages of elephants and rhinos."

Jo was also encouraging the children to take part in the 2016 Global Canvas Art & Poetry competition that DSWF runs with shortlisted finalists invited to display their work at the Natural History Museum in London. This year's theme 'Wild Wonders' is designed to look at the beauty and importance of the natural world.

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