From Bush Camp attendees to Wildlife Rangers

Helping local children understand and live in harmony with nature, the Iganyana Bush Camp in Zimbabwe inspires thousands of people every year. The Camp, based at the Painted Dog Conservation Project (PDC), has been running for 11 years with the support of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. 

Recently, the success of the Camp has been highlighted with an amazing story: two previous attendees of the Bush Camp have just become Anti-poaching Unit (APU) scouts with the PDC. Having attended the Camp ten years ago, the two became extremely passionate about wild animals and their protection.  So much so that they took on the challenging training to become frontline wildlife rangers.  

"It's really great to see this happen", explains Peter Blinston, Director of PDC. "And it can only happen with long-term committed support such as that we receive from DSWF. They remain such an important supporter, having backed us from the very early days and through our evolution into the conservation programme we are today."

From Bush Camp attendees...








...To APU scouts

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