DSWF Education team reaches students across the south

DSWF’s Education team have been busy visiting schools throughout Surrey, West Sussex and Kent following the Easter break.

Year 6 and 7 students at Pennthorpe School in Horsham (image below) spent a morning choosing their favourite species from those which DSWF works to protect - tiger, elephant, snow leopard, moon bear, painted dog and rhino. Each group then studied the species' characteristics, habitats and adaptations in order to present their own unique fundraising ideas for their species to the class.

"The kids loved it and so did we as staff”, said Michelle Caterson, Head of Science at Pennthorpe. “We are definitely enthused and have lots of ideas to run with." The Year 6 Charity Committee Team is already busy spreading the message of DSWF and trying to raise money to adopt their favourite animals. We cannot wait to see how they get on!

Earth Day on Wednesday 22nd April saw the DSWF Education team visit the Wildlife Club of TASIS School in Egham (image right). Students spent the afternoon looking at how much has changed on our Earth in the last 45 years, from technology, food and human rights to weather, cars, wildlife protection and more. They also compared their school and environment with those in rural Zambia. Each student made an Earth Day pledge for their Act of Green, a commitment to do something simple to lower carbon emissions and support sustainability. Did you make yours? Write to us and tell us what it was.

Finally, the DSWF team focused on elephants and the need for protection from poaching and the ivory trade with enthusiastic students from Palm Bay in Thanet. Spending hours discovering facts about elephants and getting passionate about how they can help to protect them, the children wrote acrostic poems and have plans to create posters to raise awareness about the protection of elephants and their habitats.

Art is integral to DSWF and raising awareness about the plight of wild species. We are currently displaying the “Wish Tree” (image below) created by students in Hong Kong in the DSWF Gallery in Shalford. Why not drop in and have a look at the students’ beautiful art and their wishes for the future?


If you would like the DSWF team to visit your school, please contact Tiffany Cavanagh.

We are always interested to hear what you and your school are doing to help the environment, please do send your photos and stories so that we can feature them on our Education website.

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