The next generation of conservationists emerge at South Farnham School

Last week the Education team at DSWF continued the spirit and enthusiasm from the Global Canvas event and visited South Farnham School to talk to the students about the endangered animals DSWF work to protect.

South Farnham came third in the Global Canvas competition at the Natural History Museum and the children came away feeling extremely proud of their work but also empowered to make a change.

Education Manager Tiffany presented to the children about the animals DSWF works to protect, their habitats and the threats facing their survival. Eco School Leader Naomi Wagner said the students thoroughly enjoyed the "truly inspiring assembly". South Farnham School has 578 avid artists and fundraisers buzzing to help save the animals. "One child from Year 4 brought me a four page text the next day campaigning to stop poaching to save the white rhino" Naomi continued.

We are delighted that there are so many future conservationists at South Farnham and cannot wait to support them in their fundraising efforts. Watch this space to see how they get on.

If your school is passionate about wildlife, email Tiffany at, we'd love to talk to you!

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